Reali Website

Client: Reali
Development Partner: Amalgama
My Role: Content Strategy, Art Direction, Design

Since its inception, Reali had evolved from a single, flat-fee product offering to a suite of offerings tailored to buyers and sellers with varied motivations. Despite this complexity, the core mission remained unchanged: making homeownership more accessible and affordable. This strategic shift necessitated a comprehensive overhaul of all consumer touchpoints, including the marketing web experience.

Embracing the evolution of Reali's offerings, we sought to combine content and design in a way that felt both intuitive and informative. By tailoring the user experience around the unique needs and motivations of different buyer and seller segments, we ensured that the design provided a unified, educational journey through the marketing funnel.

The redesigned Reali website played a key role in our broader marketing success. While the overarching corporate strategy was the primary driver, the website's enhanced design and user focus had a clear hand in the 27% rise in user satisfaction scores.