Nokia + Withings

Social Media Strategy; Visual Design
Client: Nokia
Agency Partner: Weber Shandwick
My Role: Creative Direction, Social Media Design

In 2017, Nokia ventured into new territories by introducing the OZO camera and acquiring the French wearables brand, Withings. Their dual goal was to bolster Nokia's footprint in Silicon Valley and to provide a framework that Nokia’s internal team could seamlessly adopt and scale in their marketing efforts.

We anchored our social media strategy around six key content pillars — guiding lights like Answers, Connections, and Inspiration, complemented by more run-of-business topics. This structured framework not only ensured a balanced and resonant content mix, catering to both Nokia's loyal base and newcomers interested in its latest innovations but also facilitated an easy method of measurement and performance optimization.

The digital landscape buzzed with conversations around Nokia's latest offerings. Engagement metrics soared, and the stakeholder feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Ultimately, we handed off a performance-driven social media engine to Nokia's internal team, equipping them with the tools and strategies to sustain and amplify their momentum.